My goodness, has it been three months?!

Seems so. Well, anyway, here I am, now 39.
Woke at 6am- uggh. Pottered, slept again. Cleared off a chunk of accumulated paper on the desk, and then walked my sick bike to “Bicycle Boutique”. At the cash point around the corner bumped into a Permaculture guy and had a chat about writing an Alternative Action Plan and what should go in it etc. Bought an MEN and a Financial Times, before having a veggie burger breakfast at a non-greasy spoon. Brief chat with a couple of other people (Manchester is like that) before schlepping to the Friends Meeting House. Managed to book the main hall and an additional room for Saturday 10th October- more climate change stuff- and also a room for January 20th (for a Copenhagen ‘what happened’ meeting). Spoke to a guy I see around more and more, who recommended I get hold of a copy of “City of revolution: Restructuring Manchester.” So, detoured to Waterstone’s, and they had a copy. I also ordered “Guilty and Proud of it.”
Bought more ink cartridges, shoes (they look ridiculous because me feet’s so big), before bussing it home, via a paneer tikka kebab and the last twenty minutes of the original Taking of Pelham 123 (saw the remake on Sunday with my best mate). Then the gym- on the stepper with the FT- one of my favourite places.
Back here, some desultory work. Read some more Tom Hayden (“Reunion”- very good stuff indeed). Watched an episode of ‘Outnumbered’ and then did some more work/thinking about Call to Real Action etc.
A long and not-enormously productive day, but there you are…


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One Response to My goodness, has it been three months?!

  1. Sarah Irving says:

    Find out more about Guilty & Proud of It, the story of some (depressingly unusual) local politicians in London who in the early twentieth C stood up for the poor and dispossessed of their borough, here: – one of the stroppyblog regulars is the book's author, Janine Booth.

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