Viz 185

God I love Viz. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. It will ALWAYS deliver at least one – usually many more – outright belly-laugh.

This issue has Baxter Basics MP fiddling his expenses, and getting his grandmother to save his bacon.

PC Hubble and PC Bubble “they’re spoiling for trouble” (I do miss PC Hopper, bent copper!)

Drunken Bakers are as Beckettian as ever.

Jack Black and the Goodwin Manor Mystery is comedy genius “It’s getting a little chilly in here isn’t it? Jack, put another wodge of notes on the fire, would you, there’s a chap… No, not the tens, the twenties give out more warmth?”

The Modern Parents delivers the sharpest and nastiest laughs, as usual. John Fardell skewers, as usual, eco-hypocrisies.

And Roger’s Profanisaurus, well, What Can You Say?

you can only fuck with the cock you’ve got“- exclam. Useful get-out clause for men defending themselves against accusations of inadequacy

jizzabyte“- A unit of computer memory equivalent to approximately 1 million million gigabytes. 1 jizzabyte is defined as the approximate amount of hard drive space occupied by the pornography downloaded by an average teenage youth in a single calendar month.

face like a rent boy’s ringpiece” descriptive of someone who looks life has given them a regular, relentless and vigorous shafting.


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