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Social Media and Manchester

Went to an event (more on that word later) last night about “Social Media”, at the Northern pub, just off Oldham St. Six workshops over two sessions on all different aspects of “social media” (internet technologies that enable better communication … Continue reading

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Green Capitalism: Images and ‘Hidden’ Realities

“Of course, the more familiar image of green capitalism is one of small grassroots enterprises offering local services, solar housing, organic food markets, etc. It is true—and promising—that as ecological awareness spreads, the space for such activities will grow. We … Continue reading

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Weight of the World 2: Early days

Jan 9thThere’s always low hanging fruit, not that I get my five portions a day. The first week has gone well- down from 130.4 to 128.6 kilos. Weighed on the same (zeroed and accurate) scales at same time of day … Continue reading

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Western Buddhism and the menage-a-moi

“The problem of the uncritical acceptance of acontextual enlightenment should not be underestimated. As Slavoj Zizek often points out, what he calls “Western Buddhism” can function as the highest form of adaptation to late capitalism, allowing members of the most … Continue reading

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Are We Human or did you exchange…?

I’ve an old favourite song, that’s definitely on my desert island discs. It’s “Wish You Were Here” by Pink, or Floyd (I’m not sure which one is Pink) It’s got a line I love “Did you exchange a walk on … Continue reading

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Catastrophising; C3PO, Jock and Game Theory

It only just occurred to me that C3P0 is basically a tin version of Jock from the TV show Dad’s Army. And there’s also Eeyore and Chicken Little and the whole “Sky is Falling” thing. So, I don’t know the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Participative Web and UCC

Participative Web and User-Created Content: Web 2.0, Wikis and Social Networking By Graham Vickery and Sacha Wunsch-Vincent OECD 2006 Boiled down to three sentencesUser Created Content is having various impacts on the Web, the people who use it and their … Continue reading

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Angels of History, Morning and Harlem

Walter Benjamin, patron saint of cultural studies, famously wrote; “There is a picture by Paul Klee called Angelus Novus. In it, an angel is depicted who appears as if trying to distance himself from something that he stares at. His … Continue reading

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John Berger and Ways of Seeing

This morning I was having breakfast with my collaborator Marc Roberts, the insanely prolific cartoonist. It turns out that Cantankerous Frank has a grand-daughter (when we dreamed her up, she was a daughter, but there’s been some generational slippage). She’s … Continue reading

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Nature article on ursine defecation patterns…

The prestigious journal Nature will not be publishing this article in a forthcoming issue.The persistence of ursine defecation patterns in arboreal and sylvan eco-systems: rhetorical artefact or empirically proven? Marc Hudson, Matthew Bright & Cassidy Irving ABSTRACT: The question of … Continue reading

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