Weight of the World 3: Still Early Days

127.9 kilos this morning. So, down 2.5 kilos in total over two weeks, which isn’t bad going, I suppose, even if that figure (ho ho) disguises the fact that most of the weight was lost in the first week. But we’re dealing with such piddling amounts per week that you just have to plod on for MONTHS. So be it.

Feel a lot better, stronger. May have even put some muscle bulk on quads and hams and glutes. Have been laying off the upper body workouts for just such a reason.

Ta to Pete for being shocked and appalled at my post-stepper pizza plan. It dissuaded me, perhaps for good…

Hard to see when I am going to get some proper sessions in next week, unless first thing in morning (only 60 mins), since every night is sort of booked with meetings and stuff…


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