Social Media and Manchester

Went to an event (more on that word later) last night about “Social Media”, at the Northern pub, just off Oldham St.

Six workshops over two sessions on all different aspects of “social media” (internet technologies that enable better communication and collaboration and hangin’ out).

Very relaxed atmosphere, lots of mingling, lots of interesting people.

I went to a “Beginners” session, and learnt about the basics of twitter and ‘tweeting’ etc run by Chi-chi Ekweozor of

Tim Difford, of onegreenerday, suggested I come (not that anyone needs an invite- it’s very informal), and for this I’m grateful to him.

“Event”- implies centrally organised and a bit boring. “Meeting” implies one strict agenda and a bit boring. This was something in between or off to one side. It had obviously cost some people time and energy to put together, but they weren’t trying to get a direct ego hit in terms of attention/adulation.

I will certainly go again, and forward on details of the next one to all and sundry. I am now also determined to have a “Social Media and Climate Change” workshop at the conference on 7th March


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