New Left Review, Viz, Studs Terkel, Cystic Fibrosis

There’s a bunch of words you don’t see often together. Anyhow, here’s a fascinating rundown of my fascinating day (irony alert).

After a pretty sleepless night (I got to read most of the book about the participative web), I saw on the bbc’s tinterweb site that the Aussies are struggling against South Africa in the dead rubber in Sydney. I may not see that Matthew Haydn in next year’s Ashes, but then again, I may. Made the missus her first cup of tea, did the washing up, walked to walmart/Asda with the plastic recycling, bought vaseline for chaffing prevention.(fat bastard). Used the automated till- one more weapon in thinning out the workforce, eh? On the stepper for 80 minutes

Read Peter Gowan‘s New Left Review essay on the financial crises. He and I both get the FT, but he ‘gets it’. Then for something a little heavier I read Viz (of which more separately- it made me laugh out loud and actually cry a little, which is kind of embarrassing on the stepper at the gym). Then started in on a piece from November’s Monthly Review on soil and nature and capital.

Came home collecting cans as I did in days of yore. The rumour goes that one can recycled is equivalent to three hours of a TV on standby. There’s a lot of TV hours on standby between the gym and home…

Read my bible for the King James Version posting (here).

Went on the March, via the newsagent for an FT and then a vegetarian pizza. So managed to miss both the pre- and post-march speeches. What a shame.

Back here and typed up the Terkel quotes, did a review. Woohoo.

Then got stuck into finally cracking out a crude but (in)effective CAECUM site. I am semi-serious about a Campaign Against Enduring Counter-productive & Useless Meetings. We really are lousy at them.


Oh, then to work to treat a young lady with cystic fibrosis, a cruel cruel disease.

Right. Separate posts about Gowan and Viz to be done…


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