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It’s human nature- the FT and the Conservatives

We live- so the advertising slogan tells us- in financial times. We also live, especially since credit started crunching, in very interesting times. The FT correspondents and pundits have been puzzling out loud this last year or so about all … Continue reading

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"But people die in Nursing Homes"

My best mate, “Dr Dave” was down for a visit. Somewhere in the haze of curry, porter and Aliens (the movie that is), we got to talking about death and euthanasia and all that stuff. Inspired by the recent documentary … Continue reading

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Go with the Flow

I often think of states not just as having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, but also as being obsessed with regulating/encouraging free flows (e.g mercantilism to neoliberalism) of capital. Of course, they’re less keen on the free … Continue reading

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Internet-related Attention Deficit Disorder, or “IRADD, WTF?, QED, OMG”

For years I’ve been saying that I was glad I’d done one undergraduate degree/developed some writing and research skills before the internet came along. Looking at people skimming and blagging their way through degrees, I’ve thought “that technology you’re using … Continue reading

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