bait and switch, feet of clay…

Here’s a blog posting that never got beyond scribbles on a (now unearthed) bit of paper.

Back in August I did a workshop on “growth economics as a suicide machine” at a festival.

And although it was not bad, it was not good enough and rank hypocrisy.

Because it was supposed to focus on solutions, but it’s easier to talk about problems.
Because it started interactive then got bogged down in the things “I” wanted to get across/off my chest.
Should have had the second half as small group work, instead of me boring on about a history of the world and useful concepts.

What I forget is that if I prepare really well, then I perform quite well. But I (yes, the number of Is is conscious) then forget this, ascribing my good performance to innate genius. And then I get lazy/complacent and turn in a mediocre performance. And am rarely honest enough to call myself on it. Or worse, I DO call myself on it, but them am not organised enough, disciplined enough, to do it how it should be done.

Human, all too human…


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