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Hamlet Mash-up!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal versus Shakespeare. No contest…

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SMBC: Truth is a Sphere!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. If it isn’t in your Google Reader, ask yourself, why not?

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Humour: New Age Philosophy

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal! Huzzah!!! And of course, there’s always the Homeopathic A and E…

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Humour: Nonchanlance about the Nolan diagram…

OK, so you may know the Nolan diagram…  The easiest way to explain it is to ste… quote wikipedia on it The Nolan Chart is a political diagram popularized by the American libertarian David Nolan. He reasoned that virtually all … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Dating Advice for Women

This is from the brilliant “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” and is genuinely laugh-out-loud.

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