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Compass: pointless and going round in circles – I have no #timeforplanb

Attention Conservation Notice: I went to a meeting of a group that proclaims itself “Britain’s most influential politcal movement for real change.*” And guess what. It’s entrenched in the smugosphere and I was turned into ego-fodder. What. A. Surprise. The … Continue reading

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“Let’s cut to the chase and have a fascist dictatorship* already”

Because the anti-fascist crowd (and here I don’t mean the street-fighting men – I mean ‘democracy campaigners’ more broadly), simply do not have their shit together. Last night I went to a small meeting (I’ll not mention the organisation’s current … Continue reading

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Ego and Ebbinghaus – when will we ever learn?

I have been ego-fodder at two events in less than 24 hours, so excuse me if the following post seems like it is written with a red mist… WHAT ON GAIA’S GREEN EARTH DO WE THINK WE ARE WE DOING? … Continue reading

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When will we ever learn? Erm, *outside* the “lecture”

This excellent video (hat-tip to the brilliant Johnnie Moore) ought to kill off the “sage-on-the-stage” “ego-fodder” model of events good and dead. But of course it won’t (I’ve already speculated here and here as to why).

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Riskless business – of inertia, ego-fodder-fication and “buying IBM”

There’s a business adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It’s from back in the day (1970s) when Big Blue was the last word in computing. If you had a decision to make about what to buy you could, … Continue reading

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Our responsibility to our movement

Based on two recent posts (“Oh come ON, all ye faithful” and “Ego-fodder, colluding in crap activism and lousy parenting“), I’ve jotted down the following algorithm. What do people think? 1. Plausibility is the key. “Participation” is one of those … Continue reading

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Semi-ironic checklist that *would* actually reduce ego-fodderfication

This post is only going to make sense if you read yesterday’s measured and reasoned analysis rant about two events I went to on Saturday.  Both would have been much much less counter-productive and appealing to a broad range of … Continue reading

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Oh come ON, all ye faithful

In which I call time on well-meaning but counter-productive events that aim to recruit and energise people to take action. “Epic fail”, as the young people used to say… Two events on Saturday, both of them all-day but both so … Continue reading

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Ego-fodder, colluding in crap activism and lousy parenting

All in a couple of hundred words! Ego-fodder is my term for the “audience” at any event that has not been designed for genuine cross-clique mingling. Ego-fodder is the people sat in rows listening to the sage on the stage. … Continue reading

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Like a Dalek joining Amnesty International*

More middle-aged white Westminster ex-insiders and wanna-be-insiders telling us about how ‘down wiv da yoof’ they are. Pass me the sick bag already. At the outset of this event about “The Leaderless Revolution”™ , when the guy from the Ineptitute … Continue reading

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