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Notes on competence, availability and reliability

Clearly if you’re going to embark on big (and unpaid) projects with people, it helps if they have Competence Remember – competence is a social phenomenon. It is hard for an eagle to soar when surrounded by turkeys. If your … Continue reading

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The White Flag of Surrender

It’s over. And beneath the self-contempt for having quit, there’s the rueful reckoning that it is the right thing, for me at least. For the last 16 months I’ve tried, alongside two people whom I have a lot of respect … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New… nudist colony

Let’s get over the idea that our lords and masters are shame-able. The little boy calls it out and a) is denounced as a communist/terrorist-sympathiser and gets his skinny ass rendered to Gitmo and/or b) is derided as “unrealistic” and … Continue reading

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Meetings – Grauniad hack writes stonkingly good piece Useful links in it too.

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Brilliant take-down of this idiotic word “community”

Words can hide/muddy more than they reveal. This is a double-plus-ungood thing, but there you are. Words like “sustainability”, or “resilience”. And the word “community” too. As people prepare for the 8th International Community Based Adaptation conference in Kathmandu … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand insults – #climate change, social movement, individuals

What’s my contribution in the global scale of things? What harm am I doing by flying to Australia and back, in the face of a new power station every thirty seconds in China or India or somewhere like that. It … Continue reading

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Shock to the system – be aware of what people do after they get hit by a car…

I was doing some recreational websurfing (what used to be called “killing time” back in the day) last night.  I went to one of my old faves – “I, Anonymous”.  Someone posted about how they tried to help a pedestrian … Continue reading

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