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Brilliant take-down of this idiotic word “community”

Words can hide/muddy more than they reveal. This is a double-plus-ungood thing, but there you are. Words like “sustainability”, or “resilience”. And the word “community” too. As people prepare for the 8th International Community Based Adaptation conference in Kathmandu … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand insults – #climate change, social movement, individuals

What’s my contribution in the global scale of things? What harm am I doing by flying to Australia and back, in the face of a new power station every thirty seconds in China or India or somewhere like that. It … Continue reading

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Shock to the system – be aware of what people do after they get hit by a car…

I was doing some recreational websurfing (what used to be called “killing time” back in the day) last night.  I went to one of my old faves – “I, Anonymous”.  Someone posted about how they tried to help a pedestrian … Continue reading

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Excellent #Chomsky interview on “Real Existing Capitalist Democracies” excerpt – JS:You have described humanity as being imperiled by the destructive trends on hand in capitalist society — or what you have termed “really existing capitalist democracies” (RECD). Particularly of late, you have emphasized the brutally anti-ecological trends … Continue reading

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The opposite of synergy…

Recently a friend reported that someone he knew was surprised that not everyone loved [group x, removed on lawyer's advice], and wondered if there was a DT post I could recommend on this particular subject. Probably there is, but my … Continue reading

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F.A.T. Liberation Front #activism

FAT stands for Fuck All Trotskyists Fuck Actual Trotskyists, whatever brand they are (and honestly, who can keep up with all the different splintering splinters of them? Splinters that serve no useful purpose, just irritate and cause pain if you … Continue reading

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Racial terrorism and how it ended (well, radically decreased)

hat-tip to Sam… You have no idea what Martin Luther King did. True or False? By Hamden Rice [1] | February 26, 2014 This will be a very short diary. It will not contain any links or any scholarly references. … Continue reading

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Utterly brilliant two minutes on sports, homophobia, hypocrisy, small government etc

Really nicely done. If you ever need to see how to skewer hypocrites, this.

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Abnormal versus pathological

Abnormal doesn’t mean bad, it just means unusual and, of course [Nazi analogy guy] can mean good. And in our society, pathological (as in, definitely bad for you, me, everybody) are sadly any thing but abnormal. Infinite growth on a … Continue reading

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Parties and movements (well, spasms) and Labour politicians gathering the fruits…

“Long-term developments – the attrition of members’ power, the conquest of the party by a professional care chained to the logic of ‘presentation’ – have left it incapable of imagining or articulating an alternative. Similar developments have been seen across … Continue reading

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