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Obama and Mozambique – inconvenient facts spoiling a racist storyline

Barack Obama is a meat puppet for the corporations, it’s true. And cool as Mozambique’s Frelimo government was from 1975 to the mid-80s (and relatively uncorrupt, according to clear-eyed observers like Joseph Hanlon) but made plenty of Stalinesque mistakes. My … Continue reading

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Those pesky “cascading ecological crises”

Have just read a really interesting article from the June 2011 issue of the journal “Public Administration.” It’s called Institutional and Political Leadership Dimensions of Cascading Ecological Crises, and it’s by a bunch of scientists/policy wonks at the Stockholm Resilience … Continue reading

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Clock punching

Good to remember that something as “natural” as time is not so natural… The failure of France and Russia to radically alter the calendar to suit their national requirements has to be appreciated in the context of changes in time … Continue reading

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Trained Incapacity – climate denialists, much?

Herman Kahn was a Doctor Strangelove character handily eviscerated by Noam Chomsky back in the day. Anyhow, here is a short piece he wrote slagging off humanities graduates. It has other applications as well, I would suggest… The Expert and … Continue reading

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The Delirious Fascist Aesthetic

Attention Conservation Notice: Misusing the term “fascist aesthetic,” I goggle at the film “300” and the execrable TV show “CSI Miami.” Ah, the shiny surfaces and hard bodies. The jaw lines, the simplicity of the Good Guys and the Bad … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Consolations of Apocalypse

…and also the consolations of conspiracy. We love endings, being special, and the existence of a Father Figure (or Mother Figure). Sigh. WordPress is having one of its periodic refuses-to-embed tanties. Here’s a link instead

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Oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood.

It’s easy to misunderstand lyrics (As Whoopi Goldberg says in frustration in the film Jumping Jack Flash – “SING ENGLISH, MICK”*). Singers howl, mumble and garble. Mondegreens, eh. But what about misunderstanding a whole song? Leaving aside cynical marketing ploys … Continue reading

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Five dysfunctions of a team…

I am pretty sure this is from Patrick Lencioni… 1. The first dysfunction is an absence of trust among team members. Essentially, this stems from their unwillingness to be vulnerable within the group. Team members who are not genuinely open … Continue reading

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There’s no justice, there’s just us.

Pop Quiz – you are presented with irrefutable evidence that the planet is warming and that human activity is responsible to a very large degree. Do you a) re-examine your “Just World” beliefs (that bad things don’t happen to good … Continue reading

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Movement building and the war of attrition…

This is something that was written almost ten years ago. Just before 911, in fact. EF! and the War of Attrition* *Attrition (mil) tactic of exhausting an enemy before attacking decisively Assuming we want EF! to get grow, we need … Continue reading

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