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Brilliant SMBC cartoon: Physics and Economics

I’m trying to cut down on my posting (too much of a wonderful thing and all that) but this is too good to wait…

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Woohoo! Just ran 10k (with two breaks)

Endorphin-rush and smug self-satisfaction just kicking in now… There’s life in the old Dwight yet…

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Facebook as a poker machine…

“Grazing social networking, hoping that someone is there for us, is neither relaxing nor productive – like the lure of poker machines, the unpredictable rewards of Facebook and Twitter keeps us going back in the hope of messages waiting and … Continue reading

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Clutterbug Zine – two thumbs up!!

[text deleted] Lots about travel, but this one is about purging – about de-cluttering and consumerism (especially the “hipster” anti-consumerist consumerism our type of people indulge in. [text deleted] Top tip if you’re de-cluttering: before opening a cupboard or garage … Continue reading

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The Authenticity Card

(This has sat on my desktop for a couple of months. Just publishing now…) Melbourne University is presumably an elite institution. You’d hope that, therefore, the organisers of political events would be doing it better. Well, based on today’s unspeakably … Continue reading

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Australia – still unsettled

As Steve Dovers from the Australian National University put it recently, after two centuries we still seem to be struggling to settle Australia. We haven’t resolved the first vexing questions presented to us by a unique continent – the original … Continue reading

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Campaigning monkey business

Some demented animal torturer called Harry Harlow once set up an experiment. He terrorised a young ape and gave it a choice of either a fur covered fake “mummy” with eyes that lit up etc, or a wire “mummy” with … Continue reading

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What makes trolls so angry?

The question remains: what drives this level of anger [by Internet commenters]? Dr Stephen Harrington, who lectures in media and communication at QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty, says much of the aggression comes from people’s disappointment that the online world still … Continue reading

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Horrifying snuff video (carbon dioxide levels)

Seriously. They should be showing this to kids. They should be showing this everyday at the beginning of the news. Tony Abbott should get the Clockwork Orange eyelid thing with this as the video.

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Insight and Topsight

If “insight is the illumination to be achieved by penetrating inner depths, topsight is what comes from a far-overhead vantage point, from a bird’s eye view that reveals the whole—the big picture; how the parts fit together.” Which is quoted … Continue reading

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